If you are a travel blogger or reader of this blog who loves traveling ,we like to feature a post from you.If interested,below are the guidelines.


  1. We need unique and interesting articles which is not published anywhere before or not publishing after we accept it for this blog.
  2. Article must be around 500-800 words length and should be well written.
  3. Instead of long paragraph articles,please use sub topics,bullet points where appropriate.
  4. You can send 1-2 images with the article.
  5. Send us 2-3 lines bio together with your article.

What you get:

  1. Your article will go live as an article from guest contributor.
  2. You will get 1 link to your own blog or your social media site at the end of the post within the authour profile.
  3. We will promote your post in our social media channels.

What to expect:

  1. By sending an article to us,you pass the copyright of your article.
  2. We may edit your article for minor changes if we find any error.
  3. We may insert external links to reference sites if we find it suitable.(At the time of publishing or in future)
  4. We may insert internal links to our previously written posts whenever possible.(At the time of publishing or in future)

Who not to write for us:

This opportunity is only for bloggers who maintain personal blogs.If you are not a blogger or if you fall into any of below categories,then consider advertising options.

  1. Others who are not real bloggers,check advertising page for this option.
  2. We don’t accept posts under this category from ,
  • Article marketers
  • Business owners
  • Community project promoters

How to send the article:

Email your article with the headline ‘Contribution to World Photo Walk’ to below email id:


You can always discuss the topic if you think it is easier.Otherwise send us well written article which follows above guidelines for us to decide.

We will reply within 5-7 business days about your article acceptance or any other comments.