If you are a travel blogger then we like to feature a post from your blog.If interested,below are the guidelines.


This opportunity is for Travel bloggers only who share their actual travel experiences. We only accept to feature blog posts that are already published in your blog.

Your article should focus on a destination. It can be a travelogue or a story about visiting a place.

Your article cannot be a generic travel content such as general travel tips, travel essentials etc.

There must have a unique introduction of minimum 150 words to publish it in this site. Your introduction cannot be a portion of your published travel blog post.

Check this sample post to get an idea.However be sure to send 150 words introduction. https://worldphotowalk.com/samsui-women-street-art/

How to submit your blog post

  1. Choose an existing travel blog post from your site which features a destination or attraction.
  2. Write a unique introduction of  150 words.
  3. Choose a relevant image to use with the post. It should be your own image and by submitting it you pass the rights for us to feature in this site.
  4. Crop the image to 800*533 pixels size.
  5. If everything is ready, then use this form to submit your blog post.


We reserve rights to alter your submitted introduction slightly in order to fit this blog. We may add/edit content to the same post if necessary at the time of publishing or in future.

We regret to inform that we do not accept submissions that are not according to the guidelines.

What you get:

You will get 1 link to your own blog post at the end of the post that sends readers to your way.

We may promote your post in our social media channels.

Who not to write for us:

This opportunity is only for bloggers who maintain personal blogs.If you are not a blogger or if you fall into any of below categories,then consider advertising options.

  1. Others who are not real bloggers,check advertising page for this option.
  2. We don’t accept posts under this category from ,
  • Article marketers
  • Business owners
  • Community project promoters

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