Visiting Peru can be really exciting simply because of the attractions and activities to do there. It is a top tourist destination which you can enjoy your time in different activities ranging from surfing to culture, nature and good food. If you are planning a holiday in Peru, I know your things to do list include all the popular attractions which any traveler experience in Peru. But do you know that there are many hidden gems in Peru? Yes, it is!

Chachapoyas is one of the best places to visit in Peru and experience the culture of the locals and good food to offer. Then don’t miss your chances to visit one of the highest waterfalls in the world. It is Yumbilla falls!

Why Yumbilla falls is a must see attraction in Peru?

Why Yumbilla falls is a must see attraction in Peru?
Image: Cuispes forest

Reasons are simple. If you love to explore the beauty of Mother Nature, then visiting Yumbilla falls will be an amazing experience for you which keep memories for the entire lifetime. Located in Cuispes, Chachapoyas, Peru, this Yumbilla Falls is of 895 m in height which makes it a giant waterfall.

As a small village in Chachapoyas, Cuispes will be a wonderful place for you to explore other attractions and activities while you visit the Yumbilla falls. Among the other attractions in Cuispes, you can’t forget the experiences in Amazon forest. Other than the experiences in rainforest; you will enjoy your time with locals in Cuispes learning a bit of their culture.

Other than the 895m high Yumbilla Waterfall there are other waterfalls in the forest of Cuispes including Chinata Waterfall (540 m) and Pabellón Waterfall (400 meters)

How to plan your visit to Yumbilla falls in Cuispes, Peru?

Visiting Peru and then a visit to Cuispes may need some planning. You need to find helpful guide and accommodation near all these attractions including the Yumbilla falls. Check La Posada de Cuispes for accommodation as it is a lodge in Cuispes. You can easily get the help from La Posada de Cuispes lodge to plan your visits to nearby attractions (Kuelap, Gocta, Karajía etc) including the Yumbilla waterfalls!