When people hear of the word Rome, many would then think about the Colosseum. Just like when some people associate Vatican City to the pope or to the Roman Catholic Church. The Colosseum is the primary landmark in Rome. It is one among the most ancient gigantic structures ever built on earth. It is considered as the largest auditorium that the Roman Empire had built as well. It is so huge that it can accommodate as many as 50,000 to 80,000 spectators at a time.

The Colosseum, also spelled as Coliseum, is an elliptical showground located at the center of Rome. It was built with stones and concrete. This world’s largest structure is known to be among the greatest works of ancient Roman engineering and architecture.

The Colosseum was once used as the hub for entertainment activities and political gatherings.  It is also popularly known as the host for acrobatic presentations and gladiator fights. It was where warriors fought against their fellow warriors and against monstrous beast as well.

Why stay in hotels near Colosseum?

This is just among the few questions asked by people who are planning to visit Rome. Simply put, staying in hotels near the Colosseum gives you a handful of advantages especially if you are travelling in just a day or two.

Since the Colosseum is situated at the historic center of the Eternal City, it is expected that almost all tourist attractions and interesting spots is just nearby the area. And yes, nearby and around the amphitheater are a huge number of sightseeing spots, boutiques, shopping marts, restaurants, entertainment venues and hotel accommodations. Staying near the Colosseum gives you the opportunity to get quick access to these interesting spots.

Why Should You Stay in Hotels near Colosseum

Interesting sightseeing spots near the Colosseum

Among the interesting sightseeing spots just a walk away from the Colosseum are the Roman Forum, Circo Massimo, Capitoline Museum, Piazza Venezia, Pantheon, Palatine Hill and Baths of Caracalla.

The Roman Forum

On the eastern side of the Colosseum lies the ruins of the Roman Forum, also referred to as Forum Romanum. The Roman Forum is located at the heart of the historic centre of Rome. It once served as the original market place in ancient Rome. This huge rectangular plaza is being surrounded by the remains of a number of significant prehistoric government offices and structures.

Capitoline Museum

Musei Capitolini or better known as the Capitoline Museum is among the most visited and the most favorite tourist attractions in Rome. The inauguration of the museum dates back to 1471 when Pope Sixttus IV bequeathed to the Roman people some valuable prehistoric bronzes which he collected.  The collections being donated were kept on the Capitoline Hill. From then on, the collection started to double its number. Aside from the original bronzes collections, you can as well find ancient works of art housed in the museum like jewel coins collection, Renaissance and medieval artworks, artifacts, inscriptions and primordial Roman sculptures.

Palatine Hill

The Palatine Hill is located just 40 meters above the ancient marketplace, the Roman Forum. If you want to glance back and visit one of the most prehistoric parts of Rome, then you can choose to visit the Palatine Hill. It is the most central part of the Seven Hills of Rome and is believed to be the origin of the city.