A visit to Hanoi is not completed if you don’t taste egg coffee.Leaving Vietnam without tasting the world famous Hanoi Egg Coffee, is like a crime in the dictionary of the gastronomic tourists as well as coffee lovers. Even one who doesn’t love coffee would mind trying it. And that is why people visiting Vietnam, and specially the city of Hanoi, find it out with special interest that where they can taste the best egg coffee in Hanoi.

Unsure of what exactly egg coffee is? Well then here is a short introduction to this beverage delicacy.

What is Egg Coffee?

Egg Coffee is a beverage primarily made with egg yolk and coffee. This was accidentally discovered in the year 1940 at Hanoi, and this is a hilarious and interesting story. A bartender was delivering coffee orders, and at that time Vietnam was seeing a serious scarcity of milk. To compensate for milk the person whisked some egg into the coffee to bring texture and color. The result was a big hit. People loved the egg coffee which was discovered in such an accidental way so much, that now it’s the favorite drink of Vietnam, and people coming to Hanoi would definitely taste this thick and creamy tasty and flavor-rich drink.

Where To Enjoy the Best Egg Coffee In Hanoi?

How does it taste?

To know the taste really you actually have to drink it! People who have experienced this drink would say that it’s full of the flavor of egg, and feels rich and creamy due to the egg yolk blended. Egg and coffee complement each other in taste and flavor so well that the drink feels like a desert for its thick consistency, flavor, and sweetness. It’s also called liquid tiramisu by the locals.

Where to enjoy best egg coffee in Hanoi?

While there are endless coffee joints in Hanoi, both street side and posh coffee parlors to offer the drink, the best place still is Hanoi Egg Coffee at 10 Hang Muoi Street. That’s because they only follow the authentic recipe and also can offer you the widest variety of this recipe, so that you get a true idea of how the ideal Egg Coffee should be in looks, aroma, texture, color, and taste. A Hanoi signature item must be tasted from the best place without compromise so that you truly get to know the tastiest egg coffee.

Visit website: www.hanoieggcoffee.com

Address: 10 Hang Muoi Street, Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam