Are you heading to Thailand any time soon? If you are, then speedboats are going to be an important part of your visit.

You can’t ever visit Thailand without riding a speedboat to Thai islands. They are fabulous to visit, and relaxing to explore.

If you’re vacating in Thailand, boat tours should be on your list.

But before riding the seas and heading to islands, you need to pick a good speedboat service.

You see, you’re not just hiring a boat for exploration. You’re also looking for tour guides, and someone to drive the boat.

There are a lot of factors that go into picking a boat tour guide. Below, we’ll mention a few factors to shorten your research.

(1) Privacy Options.

Let’s say you like privacy. Maybe you’re not a social person who likes to chat with other tourists. If that’s your situation, then you’ll need to lone travel.

A good boat tour provides privacy options. They let you be alone, and allow you to explore the wonders of the world without interruption.

It’s also good if you’re bringing family along. Some families like to be local in their vacating. Privacy options will do you good here.

(2) Luxury Standards.

A good Thailand speed boat service has a flux of luxury options.

If you’re not well off, you’ll need a boat trip that suits your budget. If you have money, you may be looking for a comfortable standard.

You need a boating service that offers a variety of travel options. This includes boat size, boat type, amenities included on the boat, etc.

(3) Security Expertise.

There’s always a certain sense of danger when riding out into the waters. If you’re on a speedboat, this danger is multiplied.

Speedboats are fast, and they require expertise to handle. They also require someone who understands safety tactics in case emergencies happen.

With a professional sea tour guide, you get a crew with extensive safety training.

It’s a necessity. After all, who knows what might happen?

(4) A Year Round Service.

Tour guides should operate year round. Summer services aren’t enough. A good sea guide has a flexible schedule for tourists all over the world.

(5) Wildlife Variety.

If you’re speedboat riding sea wide, you need places to visit. The blue water alone gets boring after a while. You want places to explore around the seas you’re riding!

Any Recommendations for a Good Sea Guide?

Absolutely! We recommend to you Club Champagne, a speed boat service for Thai tourism.

Club Champagne offers speed boat visits to Thailand’s beautiful islands. Those include Phuket boat tours, speed boat to Phi Phi travels, and even a Phuket to Krabi speedboat.

With Club Champagne, you get variety and quality in travel!