If someone thinks of having a holiday in Malaysia, they always think of the popular attractions such as KL Tower in Kuala Lampur or visiting famous destinations such as Malacca, Genting highlands or Penang. However, do you know Langkawi Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia? Yes, it is a hidden gem in Malaysia which you should visit during your stay in Malaysia. Here are some of the reasons to visit Langkawi Island.

Beautiful Sandy Beaches and natural views

Just imagine an island which is full of scenic beauty and white sandy beaches! This can be the dreamy place for anyone who loves travelling. Lagkawi Island own all these and that makes it as a tourist spot among the travellers to Malaysia.

Sky Bridge and Sky Cab

As the steepest cable car ride in the world, the sky cab experience in Langkawi will be unique and adventurous which makes your trip to Malaysia memorable! On the other way Sky Bridge is another popular attraction which you can’t ignore. These are some of the must see and do things in Langkawi Island making it a unique tourist attraction.

Delicious Food

Malaysia is a food paradise. They own different delicacies which make anyone satisfied with their cravings. It is same in this beautiful Langkawi Island too. During your stay there indulge with Malaysia’s best food choices and I am sure you will spoiled! To enjoy the best and fresh seafood, you need to visit Langkawi Island as Malaysian local food includes delicious and appealing seafood preparations too.

These are the main reasons to visit Langkawi Island. Before you visit Langkawi island, inspire with many details about this beautiful island. Read more about why you should visit Langkawi Island and start planning your next holiday in Malaysia! You will never regret about it.