As I am a full-time travel blogger and I travel a lot, of course because that’s my job. There is one particular story that I want to share with you of my journey from Bangkok to Hua-hin. Well, there are many ways to reach Hua-hin from Bangkok. For example, you can get Bus, Train, Van, Plan or a private taxi. So, I hired a private taxi to Hua Hin because I am pretty lazy in standing in queue and waiting for my turn for catching the taxi. 

Fresh seafood on the street at Hua Hin Night Market

Fresh seafood on the street at Hua Hin Night Market

A lot of my friends came to Bangkok before me they all suggested me to Thai Happy Taxi, so I chose to travel with them. They have a private transfer from Bangkok to Hua Hin. I booked the taxi via an Android app and then they picked me up from the Airport. The driver even carried my luggage via the full airport. 

Driver of the taxi was a professional driver. He told me to wear seat-belts for safety which I never wear in US, force-of-habit. The car, in which I was sitting, was kinda a new car or Happy Taxi has maintained all of their cars very well. There was an amazing, soothing smell in the car. 

The car was air-conditioned, nice and cold. I checked the time. The drive from bangkok to hua hin is about 2-3 hours long. Once you get out of the actual city center and get onto the highways, the roads get a lot smoother or should I say the roads get a lot more free-flowing. 

On the way to hua-hin, you will see the salts . Actually, they are farming salt there.  They must be close to the sea. Also, there are many stores along with the road. But apart from that, pretty uneventful, pretty smooth roads, no big issues at all. The traffic was pretty heavy earlier in the trip but after a while it gets pretty easy. I relaxed very nicely in the car

trip to Hua Hin

We stopped to a food market where we had to buy coupon for the food and take the food from the vendor. They provide constantly refreshed hot water to sanitize cutlery. I was wondering that in the whole food-market, there was only female staff. I couldn’t see a single male staff there. There was a female on the ticket-counter or coupon counter. Our food was prepared by a female and even the food was server by a female. It’s just my fun observation how things are different from back home.

That was like a motorway service station but the food was fantastic. The prices were very reasonable. I think my noodle was only 40 Thai baht. It was super good value for money and really nice hygienic clean cooking on the road. Then we went ahead on the trip. After another short round of a trip, we arrived at our destination. It was nice and simple. Only about three hours long journey. 

The driver of the car told me a lot of fun-facts about Bangkok (in his very thick accent but at least we managed some communication) and I shared a lot of my stories too with him (I hope he understood it but he did laugh a lot). By the way, did I tell you that they have their own android app to book a private taxi. It was a quite good airport transport service I would recommend to my friends and family.