Travelling is really interesting. However, behind any exciting trip there are several things to do including passport preparation and getting visa approval. Although you can easily take passport photos from a studio, it is always easy to take your photos at home. But, you need to follow the requirements that are stated for passport and visa photos.

Here are some tips for taking good passport and visa photos at home.

Tips to take a good passport or visa photo at home

Consider the background

This is one of the important things to consider. If you submit your photos with wrong background, that is the reason for your application to get rejected. So, read your application carefully and make your background accordingly.

Wear appropriate dress

Clothing is another important thing to consider when you take your passport or visa photos. To look good in your photos, wear decent clothing. Also you need to show your ears, don’t cover eyebrows with your hair if you have long hair. A light make up will be helpful too to appear good in your photos.

Post production and editing your passport photos

Once you take your photos at home, it is better to edit it before printing. You may need to adjust the white balance, brightness and sharpness. Also don’t forget to crop and adjust the size for the perfect passport photo. Check the guidelines in your application for the size required. Also by using Passport Photo Workshop you can easily edit your photos which are ready to print.

Passport Photo Workshop is a photo software which provides step by step user interface to edit your photos. It is really helpful to take your passport photos at home which look like a professional took! With passport photo templates, layouts, cropping and editing tools you can easily edit your photos in few minutes even if you are a beginner!

How do you take your passport and visa application photos? Do you take those at home or at a studio?