Thailand as one of the most popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia has many attractions and activities to offer to its guests. With beautiful natural places, hospitality, culture and friendly people you will have really memorable time during your stay in Thailand. However, with lot of popular travel attractions, it is always best to know the must do things in Thailand before you visit there. Otherwise you will end up with a holiday missing some of the really attractive and unique activities to Thailand making you to regret.

That is why in this post we want to share about the must do things in Thailand. You can check Thailand Travel Info and prepare your own travel plan before you visit. That will sure save you time.

Things to do in Thailand

Rice fields from Thailand

Rice fields are beautiful views to see in Thailand.

Among the activities in Thailand, don’t forget the food. Before the other attractions, you can’t forget the food you can indulge in Thailand including the delicious young coconut and other tropical fruits. Thailand is also a very popular destination for street foods. Other than the food, you find it interesting to talk with the locals. They are friendly and popular for their hospitality.Don’t forget to check these Thailand travel safety tips before you plan your holiday.

Thailand things to do

Water sports are popular in Thailand beach destinations including scuba diving.

Floating markets are one of the popular activities to do if you travel to Bangkok. Otherwise there are beautiful beach destinations including Phuket and Krabi which you can spend a relaxing day among water sports.

Don’t forget the temples. As a Buddhist country, you will see lot of Buddhist temples in Thailand. So, don’t forget to visit at least one temple during your stay in this beautiful country. Anyway you also need to know how to behave in a Buddhist temple before you enter into any Buddhist temple.

Above are the unique and must do activities in Thailand. Plan your activity list to do in Thailand before you reach the destination. So that you can easily save time and enjoy most of the holiday!