With natural views, white sandy beaches, friendly people and the best food choices, Krabi is an amazing destination for anyone who visits Thailand. You will not forget the scenic views of Krabi or best marine experience underwater when you engage in the unique and magical moments during your stay in this wonderful destination. Anyway, in order to make your Krabi tour more exciting, here are the must visit attractions and things to do in Krabi, Thailand!

Things to do in Krabi

While you cannot forget spending time in relaxing activities in Krabi beaches, don’t forget to include island hoping to your activity list. You can easily book a boat trip or book a Krabi island hoping cruise to have more enjoyment. Poda island, Chicken island and Ta Ming island are some of the must visit attractive islands in Krabi. Phi Phi island is a must visit island in Krabi and you can easily plan your Phi Phi island tour by speedboat when you connect with a tour operator in Krabi. These Krabi tours will sure surround you with magical moments.Anyway,you will also need to know safety tips for traveling Thailand before your tour.

Best things to do in Krabi

As a Buddhist country, you will find many temples in Thailand and in Krabi. So, don’t forget to visit a temple in Krabi and get some idea on culture and mindfulness. Surrounded by lush forests, your visit to Tiger Cave temple in Krabi will be a real adventure in life.

Best things to do in Krabi

Other activities to do in Krabi include rock climbing, visit to a Krabi local market, Kayaking, and scuba diving. All these activities will make your Krabi tour memorable. And don’t forget to indulge in good food too!

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