Thailand is a paradise in Asia for tourists. Among many places to visit in Thailand, Chiang Mai is so much popular due to its attractions. But, do you know that Doi Suthep is an inside attraction in Chiang Mai? If you visit Chiang Mai, then you must visit this beautiful location and enjoy the nature and other attractive place to have beautiful memories.

In order to help you to plan your Doi Suthep tour, below are some of the things to do in this beautiful destination.

Things to do in Doi Suthep  (Doi Suthep attractions)

In your holiday, you must visit Doi Suthep Temple.It is located on Doi Suthep mountain and you can enjoy the , pleasant views around. When you arrange Doi Suthep tours with a reputed organizer, it is easy to visit most of these attractions with their guidance.

Things to do in Doi Suthep

Doi Suthep Puping Palace is another must visit attraction which you get the chance to experience the Buddhist culture.

Songkran festival is another cultural experience you should experience when you are in Chiang Mai. Songkran is Thai New Year which people enjoy time celebrating.Peter Pan Traveler has an excellent guide on how to Survive Songkran which you can find more tips and information.

If you like adventures, then don’t forget to include Doi Suthep zipline trek tour to your holiday plan. You can discover the mountain range and visit the Doi Suthep temple in adventurous way by using zipline. Doesn’t this sound amazing to experience an adventurous holiday?

Doi Suthep Maew Village is another attractive place which you can visit local attractions, experience local lifestyle and visit Buddhist temples.

Above are some of the attractions that you can visit in Doi Suthep. It is always easy to arrange these trips when you book any of the tours available on reputed tour companies who know the local area best.