Identified as the fastest animal on land, Cheetahs often prefer to live in open plains. In South Africa, there are many opportunities to watch Cheetah on their natural habitats. However, if your plan is to watch cheetah in your South Africa trip, you need to plan your safari trip for destinations that are popular for cheetahs.

Where can you spot Cheetah in South Africa? Below are some of the best places that you can include in your holiday.

Karoo National Park

Karoo National Park is a popular destination for many travelers to South Africa. In this national reserve in Karoo, you can easily spot cheetahs in their natural habitats. Watching cheetahs who are also the best hunters will be an interesting experience for you in Karoo National Park!

Best Places To See Cheetahs In South Africa…

Samara Private Game Reserve

Located in The Karoo, Samara private game reserve is another best place to locate cheetahs and interestingly you will track cheetah on foot. As a guest in Samara private game reserve, you can enjoy tracking cheetah on foot making it an unforgettable experience. If you want to join with wildlife conservation then Samara offers many opportunities including volunteer programs and training facilities. Other than watching Cheetahs, you can also spend time on this luxury game reserve indulging in many facilities they offer.

Mountain Zebra National Park

Located in Eastern Cape, Mountain Zebra National Park is another great location to watch cheetahs. Since the arrival of the first Cheetahs to Mountain Zebra National Park a decade ago, now the park is successful at spotting cheetahs in Safari trips.

If you plan a wildlife watching trip to this popular destination of the world, then make sure to watch Cheetahs too!