As one of the beautiful islands of Hawaii, Maui is popular as a magical beach destination to spend a holiday forgetting all the hustles and bustles of the busy city life. If you check for things to do in Maui or popular attractions of Maui you will find loads of suggestions that include the best and popular tourist attractions of Maui.

However Maui is not just a destination to experience the beach time under the sun or just hike a beautiful mountain. Instead Maui is a magical destination that can transform you to a new life.

Have you ever heard of the secret power spots of Maui? Do you know such magical spots are existing in Maui? Most of the travel articles and lists may not share such hidden gems that you need to explore to experience Maui with spiritual sense.

Finally there is a book that helps you to find such adventures in Maui.

Places of Magic MAUI: 10 Places of Power and Beauty; Including Secret Power Spots

Places of Magic MAUI is a book which shares information and details of 10 Places of Power and Beauty Including Secret Power Spots. This little book will help you to transform your trip to Maui to a memorable and magical journey in Maui with lot of lifetime experiences. Written by Arjuna Noor, Places of Magic MAUI wilt el you about secret spots including the placid waters, lush mountains and other secret hidden gems of Maui which you would love to explore.

After reading this book you will feel that Maui is not just a Hawaiian island but is also a magical place that is perfect for you to explore. You will sure change your travel plan and prepare for exploration and adventures of Maui.

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