Ravello is a beautiful town in Amalfi Coast, southern Italy. With history of thousand years and amazing coastal views, Ravello has become a hot tourist spot for those who are looking for relaxing holidays in coastal cities with charming views. There are many reasons to visit Ravello and it is also known as the City of Music. Among lot of attractions in Ravello, here we list the best of the best things to do if you visit Ravello. Although there are many other attractions such as visiting the Coral Museum and Admire the coral displays or taking a cookery class to learn Italian cooking styles, these are the must see attractions to make your visit to Ravello, a memorable one!

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Visit Villa Rufolo

The Villa Rufolo is one of the must see attractions of Ravello, Amalfi Coast. Rufolos were known as the most powerful family in Ravello and today their 13th century villa is a must visit attraction which shows the architectural details of Moorish style and Arabic influence.

Visit Villa Cimbrone

Things to do in Ravello

Although this beautiful villa built in 1904 cannot compare with the Villa Rufolo, still Villa Cimbrone is a magnificent attraction in Ravello with its architectural details. The Villa Cimbrone is a five star hotel now, but its gardens are opened for the public. Visit the Villa Cimbrone and enjoy the magnificent views of the Amalfi coast and you’d love the sceneries you find there!

Admire the Ravello Cathedral

Originally built in 1086, Ravello Cathedral has undergone many upgrades time to time. While the oldest part of the cathedral is its façade, it also popular for its 1179 dated bronzed door!

Above are the must see best attractions of Ravello to make your visit to Ravello remarkable. Dont forget, there are many other things to do in Ravello, Amalfi Coast!