Cebu, the beautiful island of the Philippines is a dream destination for anyone who loves traveling. As the second largest city of the Philippines, Cebu attracts both Filipinos and the tourists to visit its attractions. If you plan a visit to this amazing island of Philippines, below are the best attractions that you must include into your travel plan.

With beautiful beaches, historical attractions and cultural moments, Cebu city is also considered as one of the oldest settlements of the Philippines. When you choose the best Cebu Tour package for you, it is really easy to plan your trip and see the below attractions.

1. Visit the Mactan Shrine

Mactan Shrine is one of the must see attractions of the Cebu islands which is also easy to reach. Be sure to behave properly respecting the shrine and local culture of people.

2. Surfing and water sports

Must see Attractions in Cebu, Philippines

If you don’t like historical sites, then beach activities must be your best choice. With sand beaches and beautiful waters, you will find that Cebu beaches as your perfect place to spend the holiday. Ranging from surfing to snorkeling, Cebu is a great destination for experience the marine life.

3. Visit the Yap San Diego Ancestral House

It is another historical site, but Yap San Diego Ancestral House is a great example to understand the local culture and history of ancient Philippines. It is believed that Yap San Diego Ancestral House is built in 1700 by a Chinese merchant. Currently it is a place that showcases old pottery and antique furniture.

Above are the must see and do attractions of Cebu islands,Philippines. However there are many other activities that you can include into your travel plan. You can also select a Cebu tour package that includes most of these activities into their itinerary!