Travelling is fun! A holiday is really helpful to get rid of all the stressful moments of everyday life. But, without proper planning you will also have stressful vacations. Nowadays with lots of gadgets, you cannot enjoy a vacation without items such as your smart phone, camera and other devices. That is where you have to be careful on packing all the gadgets and accessories for an enjoyable holiday. Here is a list of 3 must-have travel tech accessories which will help you to enjoy an exciting vacation in any destination!

Universal Travel Adapter

Must Have Travel Tech Accessories

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A travel adapter is a must when you travel to any destination. However, we found a really interesting gadget that will ease your task. You will never want to buy a travel adapter at the destination when you own this universal travel adapter. With Quiver you can charge up to three devices at the same time and it is usable in over 150 countries!

Extra batteries for your camera

Yes, you have a smart phone which you can easily capture beautiful and colourful photos. But, still you can’t beat the quality of photos which you capture with your DSLR or high end compact camera. That is why I always bring a small and handy compact camera with me to any place I travel. After all photos are the great keepsakes from any holiday. So, don’t forget to keep extra batteries with you to keep your camera functional even outside the place where you stay!

Selfie stick

Selfie stick? Yes, don’t forget to include a selfies stick into your suitcase in order to take a beautiful selfie in the world famous attraction you are visiting. Whatever the quality is, having selfies are still fun!

Above are my list of must have travel gadgets. Do you have any more items to add to this list? Please share below.