Home to the popular luxury resorts, Whitesundays Islands is a perfect place for a day tour which includes lot of beach activities. With beautiful views of ocean and sandy beaches, a day tour to Whitesundays islands doesn’t complete if you don’t involve in below activities. With hidden gems such as Cedar Creek Falls and with popular activities such as exploring the marine life, below are the must do activities in your Whitsundays Day Tour to make it more enjoyable and memorable!


Must do activities in a day tour to the Whitsunday Islands Australia

You can’t forget snorkeling In Whitesundays as there are 2-3 locations available for experiencing the marine life. Filled with exotic marine life including corals and turtles, you will have exciting time in the Whitesundays island when you select to experience snorkeling!

Visit Whitehaven Beach

With sandy beaches and crystal clear water of Ocean, you will forget the hustle and bustle of the city when you visit Whitehaven Beach during your day tour to the Whitsunday Islands Australia! This is the best place to relax till you unwind. So, don’t forget to include Whitehaven beach to your activities in Whitsunday islands day tour!

Sail around the island

Sailing around Whitsunday islands will bring your to a world of heaven full of exciting views. There are yachts available for you to experience sailing around the islands.

So, don’t forget to visit Whitsunday Islands Australia. Add these activities to your tour plan and start arranging your day trip!