Travelling with your dog is really possible as there are pet friendly hotels available. However, you cannot bring your dog everywhere you travel and each time you travel. In such situations, how do you make sure that your dog is safe at home?

Leaving your dog at home can be a hard decision. However, if you make sure that your home is safe for your dog and comfortable, then you can easily make up your mind for the trip. Below are some ideas that you can make your home safe and comfortable for your dog while you are away.

How to Keep Your dog Safe at Home While You travel

Hire a pet sitter

Hiring a pet sitter is the best way to keep your dog safe at home while you travel. He or she will take care of your dog until you return. They will check the dog regularly and visit your home few times a day.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe While You Travel

Make sure your dog is safe at home with proper boundary fence

Your dog will not be happy if you chain him all the day. It likes to roam around. However, if you don’t have proper dog fencing, then the dog can trespass or can run away easily. Check Dog Expedition TC1 Border Patrol GPS System which is an ideal product to keep your dog within your yard. It will be a safe fence for your dog and you can stay away from him with peace in mind.

Leave your contact information

When you travel, make sure to leave your contact number with your dog sitter. Other than your contact number, it is also important to leave the contact number and details of the vet who usually check your dog. This will be helpful for the dog sitter in case if your dog is unwell during your vacation.

When you plan for the safety of your dog, then you can enjoy your vacation without worrying too much about your pet at home.