How to get from the Cancun Airport to your Hotel?Is this the doubt that you are facing right now? As one of the beautiful cities in Mexico, Cancun attracts tourists each year. If you plan your next holiday in Cancun then you need to know how to get to your hotel from the airport.

Transport options from Cancun airport to the hotel zone

When you are in Cancun airport there are chances that you will be confused with transport options if you don’t plan before your trip. There will be people who reach to you and offer transport options. However below are the airport transport options you will find at the Cancun airport.

  • Use public transport
  • Hire a taxi
  • Hire a private van for Cancun airport transfer

How to get from the Cancun Airport to your Hotel

However, by considering the above options use of public transport needs you to walk towards the bus stop with the belongings. At the same time you also need to know how to reach your hotel using the bus. Public transport will take more time to reach the hotel and you will be tired on your first day even without experiencing any attraction in Cancun.

Hiring a taxi will be easier at the airport. However that will be an expensive option. If you travel with more luggage and if you travel as a group then you need to consider the space available. Also you need to wait till the taxis arrive to the taxi stand.

Hiring a private van is so much popular as a way of Cancun airport transportation due to many reasons. Private van services are easy to book in advance. So you don’t have to wait at the airport wasting your precious time for holiday in Mexico. You will easily get to your hotel quickly with reliable van services making your trip a pleasant one from the day 1.

What is the recommended way to get from the Cancun Airport to the Hotel?

As we shared all the airport transfer options above, now you know which one is the best. You already know the different options to get from the Cancun Airport to your Hotel. Public transport will take time. So we recommend you to plan your Cancun airport transfer in advance using a reputed private transportation service. It can be a van, airport shuttle or airport taxi. But, prepare by booking in advance to avoid waiting time. That will help you to enjoy a happy holiday from the beginning of your trip.