If you plan a holiday to any destination and if you check for ‘top things to do’ or ‘top attractions’ from the city you travel, you will sure get bunch of ideas. These attractions and things to do lists are well packed with places you need to visit in your new destination. But, do you actually experience the culture of the country you visit? Do you meet people from the country except the people you meet at the ticketing counters or well-dressed servicing crew in other places such as restaurants?

If so, how do you experience the actual lifestyle of the locals in the city you visit? Here are few ways to explore the local lifestyle of a country you visit.

Make local friends

If you can make new friends from your new destination then that will be the easiest way to learn about the lifestyle. If you have friends from your location they will sure help you to visit new places. While spending time with them, you will learn how to travel like a local of the new city or you will experience the lifestyle of the locals.

How to Explore a City with Locals

Plan your tour with local guides

While making friends need time and you also need to find trustworthy people, it is always easy to find local tour guides to explore any destination.

To find local tour guides you can check sites such as gopackup.com. www.gopackup.com is a marketplace for local tours, where travelers can find all kinds of interesting local tours/activities just by visiting this site. Their market place includes over 135 countries and over 5000 cities which is helpful for any traveler who plans a trip with local guides. Other than hiring a local guide, you can also become a guide for your city and earn some money!

Visit places outside of the city

How to Explore a City with Locals

If you plan your tour to a capital of the country or a popular city, why not plan some activities outside the city area? These activities can be a visit to an ancient site or even for a local market. You will easily find the opportunity to talk with locals, eat with them and hang with them.

Experience with locals is the best way to know about any new destination. These will be memorable lifetime experiences for anyone for sure!