Bohol Guide  is known as the information page about the two popular holiday islands Panglao and Bohol in the Philippines. The authors of the Bohol Guide live on Bohol and therefore offer up-to-date information from the first source. Therefore Bohol travel guide will assist you with your travel plans and your holiday in Bohol. You get useful insider information and travel tips that help save time and money. Bohol Guide is also exclusively for the islands of Panglao and Bohol which the team visited all the spots personally.

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  • If you visit Bohol the first time,here are some tips for you.

It is recommended to first view the article “Tourist Info”. In this article you will find the basic information about Bohol which you should know. For example, this article will share the location description and how to reach Bohol. Furthermore, visa regulations, communication such as mobile phone and internet. You will also find a very nice Bohol video which shows the beauty of the island and tourist attractions.

It is true that a good vacation planning needs some time. Browse in the 4, ordered by location hotel categories. With the specially created information and high-quality pictures, you can also see how it really looks. Then, at the end of each hotel entry is a specially created location map and outgoing links, which guarantee you the best hotel rate.

  • For beach lovers,

If you are a beach lover, Bohol Guide will be helpful for you to find details and information to plan your holiday in the beach activities. Bohol Guide offers a very special and unique Panglao beach guide.

Do you know that only a few know there are 9 white beaches on the island of Panglao? The Bohol Guide team has visited them all, and they are grouped together in an amazing Panglao beach guide. This Panglao beach guide included location maps, brief information and breathtaking pictures together with the best hotels on the respective beach that are really helpful for anyone to plan their holiday.

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Take a look at the directory portfolio with its 6 subcategories. There you will find the best restaurants, bars, diving schools, motorcycle rentals and much more in Panglao and Bohol. If you want to rent a motorcycle or scooter to explore Bohol yourself then Bohol Guide recommends their trusted partner Bohol Scooter Rentals.

  • THE Bohol App

And finally, this is the very special recommendation for all Bohol visitors.
There has been an app since October 2016, developed in cooperation with Bohol Guide specifically for Panglao and Bohol. Therefore the name of the app: My Panglao & Bohol

Once installed, this Bohol app works offline. All pictures, info and maps are included in the download.

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You only need to turn on your GPS and then the app comes to live. This My Panglao & Bohol app shows you in over 175 spots, which includes everything worth seeing in Bohol. In just 2 clicks the app navigates to your desired destination and you can do all these without internet. In addition, there are many discounts for app users from the Bohol Guide partners. Thus, the app is also a digital discount card.

You can easily find all information here: My Panglao & Bohol 

Finally, is a website you should look at when planning your holidays on the island of Bohol in the Philippines.