Singapore is more than just a cosmopolitan city full of diverse races and cultures. When it comes to finding out things to do in Singapore,the ideas are also plenty. From art exhibitions to museums and nature conservatories, they are all there.

How about water theme park recreation? Well, just like the name, you can have that by visiting Wild Wild Wet. Be ready for more splashes for your next holiday here.

About Wild Wild Wet

When you visit the UTC Downtown East of Singapore, you will find Wild Wild Wet Here. It is a water theme park perfect for a family recreation. This theme park began their operation on November 26, 2011. Before that, the site used to belong to Water Park and Costa Sands Resort.

Some time in between, this tourist attraction had been closed from July 23 to November 1, 2021. This had something to do with the major renovations being done. From here, new rides and attractions were soon added. When they opened again, the number of visitors improved. Children normally love swimming and playing in the water.

Plenty of Fun Rides and Interesting Attractions In Wild Wild Wet

So, what are the things that you can do in Wild Wild Wet? Give some of these fun rides and interesting attractions below a try once you are there:

  • Free Fall.

Just like the name, this is one of the waterslides in Wild Wild Wetthat is everyone’s favorite. A set of long, colorful waterslides will get you and your kids sliding quickly all the way from the top to the pool.

  • Royal Flush.

The bee-like color combo makes this waterslide stand out even more. Different from Free Fall, Royal Flush gives you a thrill with every slide. There is one wide section that will spin you around before you end up in the pool.

  • Ular-lah.

In Malay or Indonesian, “ular” means snake. Just like the name, this waterslide is shaped like a snake. Of course, this stripy, blue-and-yellow snake is safe for multiple slides down to the pool.

  • Jacuzzi.

You can also chill as you dip in the Jacuzzi. Feel the mini waterfall straight down to you. You can swim here with your friends or your significant other.

  • Kids’ Zone.

Bring your kids along to this section. Let them enjoy splashing around or swimming here. There is a guarantee that it will be difficult to get them to stop.

  • Professor’s Playground.

No worries, this is no science class. The waterslides here have a sculptured head of a professor attached to its wall. There are some science-themed pictures on them too.

  • Tsunami.

To experience small but strong currents and waves, you can try this pool. No need to fear drowning, since Tsunami here is perfectly safe. Even so, there are lifeguards standing by, just in case anybody needs any help.

Looks fun, eh? This is one of the things to do in Singapore if you bring your children along. It is safe, family-friendly, and full of fun rides and interesting attractions. If you are up for it, come along. With Traveloka Xperience as your ticket to the best places to visit, book now and get ✓ instant confirmation and ✓ entry guarantee. No more long lines!