Canary Islands sharing a lot in common with Hawaii – both archipelagoes are of volcanic origin and three biggest island’s volcanoes are located in Hawaii and on Tenerife, the main of Canary Islands. The same tropical and sub-tropical climate all the year round is the other, but not the last thing that makes these islands very similar – they share also endless beaches, mountains, jungle, deserted areas and extremely high cliffs.

The difference is location and where from majority of visitors coming. Hawaii are visited mainly by Americans, belonging to USA and Canary Islands belonging to Spain are mainly visited by Europeans. For Europeans Canary Islands is the closest place where they can enjoy sun and pleasant weather any time of the year. Without visa barriers and having lot of cheap budget airlines millions of Europeans from Ireland to Ukraine and from Norway to Italy are spending holidays in Canary Islands.

Hawaii of Europe

Canary Islands consist of 7 islands and the biggest one is Tenerife, a paradise corner often described as an island of eternal spring. Main tour destination in Tenerife is the South where’s raining just 5-6 times a year and it’s always a sure and good choice to accommodate in Costa Adeje. Not just because the guaranteed nice weather, perfectly developed tourist infrastructure, but also because there are a lot of things to do in Costa Adeje. Staying in Costa Adeje you can easily make your holiday really happy with its endless list of thins to do.

Surprisingly Canary Islands is not really a part of European Union, even the islands belongs to Spain. There’s border even with Spain, but the border is for goods only. Visa requirements are the same as for Spain, so just check how’s it works with your passport and put Canary Islands on your list of things to do, if you’d like to discover these amazing Hawaii of Europe.