Are you planning a trip to China? Then China Xian Tour is one of the must include in to your travel plan. This is the perfect place to learn and know about Chinese history and culture. Xian is full of wonders and it is the capital of ancient china dynasties. This is why Xian is full of amazing places with historical value. You cannot ignore the Chinese temples, museums and historical sites in this beautiful and amazing destination of China.

Here are some activities you can do during your China Xian tour.

Don’t forget the Terracotta Warriors

China Xian tours attractions

The 2000 year old site is a magnificent attraction in Xian that any tourist must not miss. Terracotta Warriors is an underground military museum and is known as the biggest in the world.

Visit Big Goose Pagoda

Built in 652, Big Goose Pagoda is another must visit attraction in your China Xian tour. It is built by the Emperor Gaozong who is from the Tang Dynasty. This Big Goose Pagoda has been used as a place to collect the materials that related to Buddhism.

Walk along the Xian Ancient City Wall

Ancient City Wall is another must experience attraction in Xian. It is also known as the largest ancient city wall which was erected in 14th century. You can walk along the city wall or even cycle along. This will be a wonderful experience during your China Xian tour.

Don’t forget the Drum & Bell Towers

Located in the Xian’s center, the Drum & Bell towers is another magnificent attraction for visitors in this ancient city. The drum Tower is also considered as the largest drum tower in China. Therefore don’t miss the chance of visiting the Drum & Bell Towers during your Xian tour.

Above are the most remarkable experiences in Xian that you must add to your travel plan. There are many China Xian tour organizers. However be sure to choose a reliable and well experienced tour operating company for your visit. Don’t forget to check their itinerary before confirming. Then you can enjoy visiting all these wonders of China Xian.