With spectacular beaches and beautiful natural views Menorca is one of the best places to visit in Spain. However it is not just a place for family holidays. There are many activities and attractions that you can enjoy in Menorca that can create you beautiful memories for the entire life.

With beautiful and attractive buildings, Menorca is also a popular destination for family holidays or private villa holidays. There are beautiful Menorca villas with facilities such as pool and other recreational facilities which can make your villa holiday in Menorca a perfect one! In such holiday in Menorca, here are 3 best things that you can do to make your trip fun and amazing!

things to do in Menorca Spain

Discover the gorgeous beaches

Menorca is popular for its long stretches of beaches. So, a holiday in Menorca is worthless if you don’t explore the beautiful beaches. If you are a beach lover then Menorca will be a paradise for you!

Walk around the charming towns

Menorca is with beautiful old towns that you can stroll around. These towns are with history and its own culture which can fascinate you. Towns such as Mahon and Ciutadella are full of views including beautiful cathedrals, houses and charming streets. You will sure enjoy a walk around the towns with lot of photo opportunities.

things to do in Menorca Spain

Horseback riding (Horse riding)

Menorca is a destination which is popular for horseback riding or horse riding. So, don’t miss this chance of discovering the natural beauty of Menorca once you are there. There are facilities for both novices and experienced riders to visit around including the countryside while enjoying horse riding.

Above are the best and unique things to do in Menorca to make your experience remarkable during your stay in beautiful beach destination of Spain!