If you visit ancient Greece for a cruise holiday, then you also need to plan how to get around and how to visit the attractions around. If you arrive the port Katakolon, then you don’t have to worry about getting around as there are many Katakolon To Olympia Private Tours available. With the comfort and luxury of having private tours for your group or for a small group,you can easily visit the nearby places and enjoy your time there in Greece. Here are some of the details of the Katakolon to Olympia Private Tour.

How to arrange your Katakolon To Olympia Private Tour?

To go around the attractions, you need to book a transportation service. Check Olympia tours by Charisma Travel to find the best tour package for you. They provide transportation services including excursion to visit ancient Olympia. You will sure enjoy the visit to ancient ruins and historical sites of Olimpia together with experience of local food and leisure activities.

Katakolon To Olympia Private Tour

Why Charisma Travel?

Charisma travel is a well-established company who provides transportation services for low rates with comfort and facilities. Taxi, minivan, mini bus are the main transport options while you can engage with activities such as visits to wineries, guided tours and beach experiences.

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