Most photographers are debating what to do during these holiday season. Some are contemplating the idea of traveling out of the country to someplace exotic while some others are thinking of adding another gadget to their collections photographic equipment. If you fit amongst the former ones, then traveling to Peru during the holidays is what we recommend to do.

Peru is a country with an amazing and unique array of natural landscapes, wildlife and cultural diversity that very few countries in the world have which turns it into the perfect destination for those of us who crave for photo opportunities of all types.

The Amazon jungle at Iquitos and the Pacaya-Samiria national park is a place where a trigger-happy photographer would call home. The enormous amount of biodiversity of this place brings the opportunity to capture everything in the lenses of our best cameras. Animals such as birds, cayman, guacamayos, monkeys, river otters, and dolphins live in this protected area. Plants such as orchids, bromeliads, trees, mosses of all kinds as well as mushrooms and insects will turn your wildest photographic dreams into reality.

destination for photographers for 2018 is Peru

South of Iquitos area, in the Andean mountains of Peru, is located the Capital of the ancient Incan empire which is called Cusco. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A tour along this ancient and formidable Incan architecture, its impressive Catholic churches of baroque influence built in the 17th century together with the colorful clothing of the native indigenous people, descendants of the Inca make this place a jewel for photographers around the world.

If this wouldn’t be enough, only a few hours away by train is located the mysterious and famous lost city of the Inca; Machu Picchu. A must go destination for all of those who wish to visit one of the Seven Wonders of the world. The amazing views of all the surrounding mountains and breathtaking Incan buildings together with the mysterious historical background of this place will keep you entertained for a decent amount of time.

Not far from Cusco, only 3 hours away by car and two walking is located the psychedelic colored rainbow mountains of Peru. Its breathtaking views of both the picturesque mountains and the massive Ausangate mountain are some of the things that anyone photographer should capture in film at least once in the lifetime.