Travelling and capturing is not a very rare combination. There are lots of famous quotes about travelling. When you travel you get to know that this world is infinite, and you just occupy a small space in it. At your travel you come across lots of places which you want to capture and want to remember forever but to capturing things exactly as you are looking at them is an art. sometimes photography can help you in this and sometimes you need to take help of a third-party application to make your stills look amazing. Here is the list of 7 best applications to improve your travel photography.

  • Snapseed:

The application from google deserves to be on the top of our list. Usually this app can be used to edit your stills it has many filters and you can also make some tweaks manually such as you can choose to apply HDR and with portrait settings you can enhance your selfie or group photos. You can adjust levels or brightness and contrast with the help of tune image option given in images.

  • Microsoft Pix:

Microsoft Pix is a camera app which automatically enhance your photographs. You can also record videos using the app. It is available for only for iPhone users. Basically, Microsoft Pix capture 2-3 shots with different exposers and light level and combine them to give you refined results. There are many filters and options which can help you to enhance your existing photographs.  Filters are mainly focused on giving your pictures an artistic touch.

  • NightCap Camera:

Night cap camera can mainly be used to shoot under low light conditions or if you want to capture beauty of night. If you already have some shots of night or low light, then also you can use this application to tweak them. It is a must have app for a photographer who love to capture stunning night shots of sunrise or sunset with their smartphones.

  • Pro HDR X:

Being a pro photographer, you might be knowing about the HDR technology. HDR stands for high dynamic range shooting. While you are on a travel many times you need to shoot against the sunlight. HDR which is an inbuilt feature in most of the devices these days helps you to take amazing shots in such conditions. But this application is expert in taking HDR shots. In friction of seconds this application captures 2-3 shots of the same object and quickly combine them to deliver best results for you.

  • TouchRetouch:

If you have accidently captured an amazing photograph or selfie at a crowded place and you want to be the center of attraction, then using touch retouch app you can literally wipe all other people from your stunning shot. Sometimes an annoying object is a hindrance in the path of capturing something amazing. Application also helps you to capture the best shot in this situation. Other then removing objects from the picture the application is also having some other editing tools to adjust exposer and brightness.

  • Instagram:

Instagram came into the picture as photography app but now it is known as an app which helps you to share your amazing photography with the world. Instagram is having inbuilt capturing option and it is loaded with wonderful filters and AI effects. After capturing photographs, you will have an option to make edits. But the best thing you will like about this application is that you will find amazing shots of the same place taken by others if you will search for a particular hash tag.

Apps to Improve Your Travel Photography
  • Duplicate photos fixer:

Because some smartphone cameras keep creating duplicate of your photos when you click them in different modes such as in HDR or sometimes duplicate photos are the result of editing we have done in our existing photos and end up with fulling device storage. To stay away from all such situations, you need to keep a duplicate photo remover tool on your device. For this purpose, you can rely on duplicate file fixer from Systweak software.

Apps to Improve Your Travel Photography

So, these were some of the best application which can help you to improve your travel photography. So, this travel doesn’t forget to carry these apps with you.