With several Universities and facilities for students, Barcelona is one of the world’s popular places for students. As a University student, you will not only learn for your degree, but also experience the university student lifestyle which is unique for Barcelona. There are number of activities that you can participate as a university student and you can be a part of the student culture which gives you experience for the life!

However, it is always better to have some idea on university student life in Barcelona before you go there. In order to ease you to settle in Barcelona, here are some of the tips that will make your life easier.


It is good to know the transportation system of Barcelona before you go there. Public transportation of Barcelona is really good and it is really easy to get around. Metro and buses are the major modes of transportation but you can use bikes too. If you choose to cycle, then you need to have some idea on bicycle lanes too.


University Students Guide to Barcelona

With hostels near Barcelona, accommodation is not a problem for university students. You can easily find a youth hostel close to Barcelona Sants with facilities. Most of the Barcelona hostels are with friendly and relaxed atmosphere which are suitable for international students. If you look for a hostel near Barcelona Sants, you can also check Meeting point hostels which offer rooms ranging from 2 bed twin ensuite rooms to 6 bed ensuite dorms. When you stay in a hostel Barcelona with a good view and perfect location, you can also enjoy your free time with sightseeing and other entertaining activities!


University Students Guide to Barcelona

If you plan to study in a Barcelona university, you also need to know about the local traditions and lifestyle. There are various activities in Barcelona such as La Mercé in September. Also if you look for shopping facilities, don’t worry. There are many places to shop in Barcelona. This world popular city is also famous for the night life. So, you will never have a dull moment there!

Finally, Barcelona is one of the world’s best places to be a university student. You will sure have remarkable experiences and memories there!