Thailand is one of the best countries in Southeast Asia which is a perfect travel destination for people around the world. While Thailand is popular for many attractions including beautiful beaches, mountains and temples anyone cannot ignore the local lifestyle of Thai people when they are in the country. This is where a local market tour is a must. The capital of Thailand is popular for its many attractions. Floating markets are among those which is an ideal way to explore the lifestyle of locals. And a floating market tour is full of excitement. If you like to experience a cultural adventure in Bangkok, then here are unique markets in Bangkok which you should consider including in to your travel plan.

Amphawa floating market

Amphawa floating market

Amphawa Floating Market is one of the best and unique markets located near to Bangkok. It is opened Friday to Sunday 2.00-8.00pm and a popular shopping destination for tourists. Enjoy the views of canals while having delicious Thai food floating around the market which can be a great activity during your Bangkok holiday. This Amphawa Floating Market is a great place to buy souvenirs for your friends and family as a memory from beautiful Thailand. You can easily book a tour to Amphawa floating market which include other activities such as boat tours in the evening. You will never regret your time spent exploring the Thai culture even after you return back home!

Risky Market (The Maeklong Train Market)

Amphawa floating market

Risky Market or The Maeklong Train Market is one of the unique markets in Thailand and it is also popular as one of the unique markets around the world. This is why many tourists like to visit this market to experience the lifestyle of those sellers. This market is located on operating rail track which sounds risky and dangerous. However sellers keep their items for sale on both sides of rail tracks and they know the time trains arrive. Therefore this market is not risky at all if you are in alert. Don’t forget to glance at how risk this risky market is when you are in Bangkok.

Pak Klong Talad Flower Market

Pak Klong Talad Flower Market is another unique market in Thailand which you can easily visit when you are in Bangkok. Best time to visit is early morning to experience fresh flowers. Expect to experience the beauty and natural fragrance of flowers when you are at the flower market. Don’t forget to capture your best moments at the Pak Klong Talad Flower Market.

Above are some of the best unique markets to visit in Bangkok Thailand. Enjoy your time in this beautiful destination of Southeast Asia!