Israel is one of the popular Mediterranean countries that tourists around the world would like to visit. With many attractions to kids, it is also popular as a family travel destination while on the other way Israel also popular for adventure travelling. Therefore, no matter which travel group you fall into, Israel is a wonderful holiday destination to spend your time in exciting activities.

Below are some of the tips which can help you to enjoy a memorable holiday in Israel.

Don’t miss the must see attractions.

Israel is a holy country. It is a lifetime opportunity to visit some of the ancient cities which are also named as UNESCO world heritage sites. Therefore Plan your itinerary without missing attractions such as old town of Jaffa, City of Jerusalem and Masada. If you don’t know the places to visit, it is always wise to hire an Israel tour operator who can plan your itinerary. A tour operator in Israel can easily customize your Israel tour or you can choose packages they have to offer after checking the itineraries and packages.

Tips to enjoy a memorable holiday in Israel

Don’t forget the food

Israel food is something that you must try during your holiday. You will remember the taste even after you come back home. From Hummus to many other breads and soups, you will never forget the taste of Israel foods.

 Visit a local market

Forget the shopping malls in Tel Aviv and around the city for a moment. Spend your time among the locals by visiting a local market. That will be a wonderful experience and a good opportunity to talk with locals and understand their culture.

All these things you can easily arrange with your Israel tour operator. For a memorable experience, choose a tour operator in Israel who knows the country well.