White sandy beaches of Mamanuca Islands make it a favourable destination for any tourist. With beautiful palm trees and amazing sunsets, you will find lot of memorable and fun activities to spend your holiday in Mamanuca Islands while experiencing the hospitality and friendly people of Fiji. If you love sharing your memories through Instagram, in Mamanuca Islands you’ll find lot of Instagram worthy spots where you can stay in touch with your friends through instant uploads.

things to do in Mamanuca Islands - Fiji

Although there are many activities and attractions in Mamanuca Islands, here are some of the best things to do while you are there.

Things to do in Mamanuca Islands

Dive and experience the marine life

If you love diving, then you can’t stay away from the blue water there. Experience the marine life and see the beautiful coral. There are also places which you can learn diving before you start your adventures!

things to do in Mamanuca Islands - Fiji

Go island-hopping

Island hopping can be fun and adventurous. Most of the resorts in Mamanuca Islands offer excursions which you can visit from one island to another island. Mana Island, Castaway Island and Matamanoa Island are some of the popular islands which are near to Mamanuca Islands. You can easily use Fiji Island transfer flights to hop to other islands. With a scenic flight, this island hopping can be fun as you can experience many beautiful views while transferring from one island to another in Fiji.

things to do in Mamanuca Islands - Fiji

Don’t forget kava and kokoda

Kokoda is a light dish made of raw fish in lime juice. It is unique for Fiji and you’ll find trying Fiji food as a memorable activity. Kava drink is another must try in Fiji or Mamanuca Islands which you can drink in a kava ceremony. Don’t forget to experience these while spending your time with locals in Mamanuca Islands.

Above are the best things to do in Mamanuca Islands, but don’t forget there are many interesting activities which you can spend time there. A nature walk will make you relaxed while water sports will make you adventurous! Read a book or relax on the sand beaches while others are playing. Finally, Mamanuca Islands will leave you lot of memories which you want to go back again in future.