Jerusalem is popular as one of the holy cities around the world. However, Jerusalem is not just a place for a pilgrimage. Although Jerusalem is a holy place for Islam religious people, it is also a major travel attraction for other travellers around the world.

Things to do in Jerusalem

If you love to travel Jerusalem, there are many attractions to see and spend your time around. However, plan well before you reach the holy city as it will ease you to enjoy your holiday. Here are some of the major attractions in Jerusalem which you must see during your visit in Jerusalem!

Before everything, you need to see the old city of Jerusalem. It is the main attraction which is the home for religious sites. Other than spending time among the religious places, you can also walk along the old city bazar and experience the culture and lifestyle there.There is a complex of museums and monuments which you can spend few hours.

Don’t forget to experience the food during your visit to Jerusalem. It is unique and you will experience the different blends of spices which give aroma and taste for the food.

Anyway, it is always good to prepare for your holiday in Jerusalem before reach the destination. You can refer this Jerusalem Visitor Guide and be prepared with what to do and what not to do in Jerusalem as it is also a holy city where many religious people are hanging.

With proper planning and preparation, you will sure have memorable experience in the holy city Jerusalem!