Are you looking for a holiday in Johor Bahru? May be for a short weekend? Johor Bahru has become a popular destination for shopping, dining and even for attractions among many tourists. However, since Johor Bahru is a tourist destination which can be crowded during weekends or even in holidays, it is better to plan your holiday including accommodations before you reach this amazing city of Malaysia.However it is not difficult to book hotels in Johor Bahru.There are plenty of hotels ranging from different facilities and rates.

If you look for hotels in Johor Bahru, below are some of the things to consider before you confirm your room.

Facilities they provide

Before you book your room, check the facilities and amenities they provide. If you want AC room or even if you look for hot shower, then check clearly before you confirm your hotel confirmation.

Breakfast included or not in the hotel room rate

Things to Consider when you Book Hotels in Johor Bahru

Some hotels offer very cheap rates, but breakfast is not included in the room rates. If you plan to have breakfast from another place or if you like to order breakfast separately, then it is worth to book hotel rooms in Johor Bahru which don’t offer breakfast in their room packages. But, if you like to enjoy a breakfast buffet from the same hotel you stay, then better check before you confirm your booking with any hotel in JB.

Location of the hotel

Next is the location. If you plan shopping in JB City Center, then find a hotel near JB City Center or near to Johor Bahru Customs. In that way you save more time on traveling. However, if you visit Johor Bahru to spend time in popular attractions such as Legoland, then look for a hotel near Legoland, Johor Bahru.


Look for deals and offers

If you like to save some money on your hotel rooms, then search for deals and offers before you confirm your booking, you will find discounted hotels. Some hotels offer limited time offers and these are great ways to save money.Check,currently they have a website promotion and you will get discounts when you book online.

Other than above things, you can also check smoking or non-smoking rooms according to your preferences before you book hotels in Johor Bahru.

Finally, a tour in Johor Bahru is always awesome with lot of things to do including shopping, food, leisure activities and popular attractions!