Blessed with a wonderful mix of animal species, surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches and filled with excitement & thrilling experiences, Ghana is one of the best countries to visit in Africa. Also known as the gateway to Africa, Ghana is the best destination to experience the African culture for any tourist. If you plan a trip to Ghana, then I am sure you are excited with the things to see in this country together with experiences that you will undergo. However if you visit this incredible tourist spot, it is necessary to have some idea on where to visit and what to do during your stay in Ghana. If you plan your itinerary in Ghana to cover all the amazing attractions, then you will not regret about your holiday as you will return to your home country with lot of good memories. Those memories from Ghana will be precious for your entire lifetime!

If you are in doubt for finding a reliable tour operator who provides tours around Ghana, then here is the exciting news!

Explore Ghana with Alasa Tours

The Alasa Experience #alasaexperience

Alasa Tours is launching the Alasa Experience which is a 10 days tour around Ghana where you will get the opportunity to explore Ghana’s most precious attractions under the guidance of well experienced tour guides. Starting from beautiful Accra, this 10 days Ghana itinerary will satisfy you with the must experience activities and must do things in Ghana. You will never regret for planning your Ghana holiday with Alasa Tours!

Alasa experience starts from Washington Dulles Airport. From Markola Market to Independence Square, from Black Star Square to WEB Dubois Center you will explore Accra the capital city of Ghana in your first 3 days of Ghana tour. The rest of the days, you will visit most beautiful attractions in Ghana which make your holiday unforgettable.

What Is Included in Alasa Experience by Alasa Tours?

When you book your Alasa Experience you will enjoy the best itinerary to cover Ghana in 10 days. Your tour package will include return airfare to your origin country together with accommodation for double occupancy. Package also include daily breakfast and entry tickets to attractions. What else you need to enjoy a holiday in Ghana? This all-inclusive tour is really affordable and you can spend your time leisurely as there is no need of any planning.

Isn’t it exciting?

Then check 10 Days of The Alasa Experience for more details on how you can book your Alasa Experience with Alasa Tours! I am sure you will enjoy the best holiday in Ghana with Alasa Tours!