If you love traveling and if you love to start a travel related business with minimum investment, then a home based travel agency is one of the best ideas to consider. With a travel agency, you can help your clients to plan their vacations including flight bookings, arranging hotel rooms, provide with car rental facilities and many other services. It is easy to arrange tour packages for your clients when you know the exact service providers in the destination.

However as a travel agency operator you need to consider your time and energy for finding the best deals and travel services. You will have to spend on phone calls and any other documentation required. All these operational costs will add to your initial minimum requirement to start a travel agency making it difficult to everyone.

How much do you have to invest to start your own travel agency?

How to start a home based travel agency

If you are willing to start your own travel agency, you need to invest at least $5000 to set up your travel business. However, this may sound too much if you are looking for a home based travel agency. The good news is that now there is a way that you can start your own travel agency under $100!

How to start a home based travel agency under $100?

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