Frequent flyer programs are one of the best ways to save from travel costs. When you join with loyalty programs of airline companies, it is easy to collect reward points for each and every tour you make through the same airline operator. SAS EuroBonus Loyalty Program is such another frequent flyer program which offers wide range of discounts and facilities for its members.

One of the best things of SAS EuroBonus loyalty program is that it offers members the facility of earning points from many activities including car rental, flight ticket purchases and various other services.

However, it is expected that there are many changes will be imposed on this popular loyalty program in the near future. Do all these affect the loyal members in a positive way? Although there may be positive changes, there will be some negative changes too.

According to a recent review of SAS EuroBonus 3.0 shared by Meanie.Me, there will be both positive and negative changes for the EuroBonus 3.0 program. As per them Lifetime Star Alliance Gold status will be one of the positive changes for the EuroBonus 3.0 program which loyal members can earn more points and rewards. However things such as Elimination of the possibility of booking First Class tickets on Star Alliance partners can surely make negative impact for loyal members of the program. These are some of the clues only. We’ll wait and see what will happen once these changes to the EuroBonus 3.0 are officially announced!