Are you dying to see Sakura or Cherry Blossoms in Japan? Sakura is the most popular flower in Japan which makes it a unique travel destination around the world. The cherry blossom season is one that any traveller not to miss, but don’t forget that this season is really crowded as well.

So, if you plan a cherry blossom tour in Japan, plan ahead and do it right. So you will enjoy your time among the beautiful Sakura blossoms and life time photo opportunities!

Known as ‘Hanami’, Cherry blossom festival is an annual festival celebrated by Japanese in each year. This is not just an opportunity to watch cherry blossoms, but also an opportunity for family gathering. So, before you plan your cherry blossom trip, know these things.

1.Timing is really important

How to Make your Cherry Blossom Tour to Japan More Memorable

If you are new to Japan, you will miss the opportunity to watching these rose petals simply because you are not with correct timing. Lifespan of cherry blossoms are really short. This is why you need someone to help you with planning your cherry blossom tour. There are reputed companies organizing cherry blossom tours that you can easily plan your dream holiday to Japan. These cherry blossom tours are not only included the watching of Sakura blossoms. You will also enjoy other activities such as visiting famous temples, Japan major attractions and food experiences.

2. Spend time with locals

Japanese people are friendly and known for their own culture. Therefore don’t miss the chance of talking with them in your visit to Japan. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about Sakura, Hanami festival and Japanese culture.

3. Don’t forget the photo opportunities

How to Make your Cherry Blossom Tour to Japan More Memorable

Yes, it is all about cherry blossoms. The beautiful pink petals will create a dreamland around you. The beautiful temples and gardens will create the best backdrops for you. So, it is your turn to capture moments from this lifetime experience in beautiful photographs. These captures will sure be keepsakes for the entire lifetime. So, get ready with your cameras and gadgets at the time of planning your Japan holiday!

Above are the great ways that you can enjoy your cherry blossom tour to Japan. If you have any other tips, please share below.Do you have any experience with cherry blossom tour to Japan?