If you travel frequently you know that how important it is to know the weather forecasts of the destination that you travel. World time and currency exchange rates are other things that you must have some idea if you are in a new destination. Now, you can find all these data using a single app. with magayo WET free weather App, you can easily check weather, currency exchange rates and world time! Isn’t this sound awesome?

What is magayo WET?

magayo WET is a free weather app that shows you animated weather icons making it visually appealing. You will never get bored when you see such a fun animated icon even if it is a cloudy day! Other than weather icons, you can check the local date and time when you are in a new destination making life easier for you.

Magayo WET also provides the historical data for currency rates if you want to find such details.

How does it work?

First download magayo Windows desktop weather software and install it. You can configure the look as you like using the available tools. It is easy to change the font size, font color, style of the animated weather icon to have a personalized look.

Visit www.magayowet.com and get your magayo WET for windows desktop!