Travel photography is a genre of photography that aims to document landscape, ambiance, environment, people, culture, architecture, and style. Its most important aim is to capture a sense of a time and a place, be it freezing a moment in history or highlighting the timelessness of a particular place in the world.

Travel photography, when done best, captures a land and its people in the conditions within which the photographer has found both – this final part is the crucial aspect of being a great travel photographer.

Organization, researching, and planning are central to being a great travel photographer, too.

Being outgoing and gregarious has its advantages as well, if you want to interact with the subjects you’ll find along your path.

Lifestyle Travel Photography

However, introverts sometimes make the best photographers, too – capturing quiet little moments missed by everyone else, and making them last forever.

This will be dependent on your travel photography style – do you enjoy capturing subjects most? Groups of people within a particular place? Or are you more interested in situations? Perhaps you pander more to landscapes instead of people?

As you trust the process and practice, your style will reveal itself to you.

Making small conscious decisions along the way may speed up this endeavor, as well.

Set realistic goals as a travel photographer.

If you’re looking to capture the lifestyle and customs of a foreign place, perhaps a visit to their communal marketplace will give you colors, traditions, people, and everything you need to get started. Talk to the locals and get to know the people you’re trying to immortalize. Be present in the moment and learn about your surroundings.

As much as you want to capture them, learning about your subjects and landscapes will enable you to photograph them better.

A small note – always get permission before you photograph others.

While some photographers don’t always abide by this, it is a significant part of making your subjects feel comfortable. Chances are, if someone is willing to let you photograph them, they will be much more giving to you of themselves and their culture.

Lifestyle Travel Photography
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Remember: your camera is a great ice breaker!

While travel photography covers a broad range of subsections and genres, lifestyle travel photography is particular because it focuses on capturing authentic, spontaneous cultural moments on your journey.

These spontaneous moments should be like snapshots in time of a landscape, culture, group of people, and so on.

One of the hallmarks of lifestyle travel photography is traveling with minimal gear – you don’t need a ton of equipment to be a great photographer nowadays. Click here for more in-depth articles about photography.

With the advent of more and more precise technology, some of the most successful lifestyle travel photographers travel with their camera of choice and let the subjects, landscape, and perfect moments come to them.

Rather than fabricating the moment, lifestyle travel photographers seize the moment. They do so by always being prepared, so be sure to remind yourself that preparation is vital while traveling. With that in mind, the best camera for travel photography is one that you are confrontable using it at any time and doesn’t hinder your journey.

Cameras like the Go Pro Hero6, Canon G7x Mark 2, and Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II are handy little critters that won’t weigh you down as you explore with ease. Sony also makes a wide variety of handheld cameras that can suit your needs.

Being in the right place at the right time is a considerable part of lifestyle travel photography.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something you, as a photographer, can control. Like a bolt of lightning or winning the lottery, you somehow have to be lucky enough to find yourself smack dab in the middle of an incredible moment abroad.

However, what you can do to increase your chances of getting a fantastic shot is to be as observant as you possibly can. Learn to listen instead of talk.

Learn to watch, instead of act. These are qualities all great artists possess, and if you’re going to become one, you’ll need to start practicing, too.

Once you’re in that magical once-in-a-lifetime situation, work the situation as best you can – see it from a variety of angles, and capture as much as possible. Hone in on its essential qualities, on its beauty, on its exoticism, or its universality.

Finally, make sure to take travel notes.

This will come into play during post-production. Keep a small notepad and pen with you at all times, or, for the tech-savvy among you, keep a note on your phone with all the information you need.

Keeping track of locations, people’s names, neighborhoods, boroughs, and so on will enable you to identify everything you’ve done when developing your photos after your travels.

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