Whether it is a relaxing holiday to a beach destination or a romantic getaway that you’ve dreamed for a long time or any other incredible location that has so many things to offer, it is good if you can make it a purposeful tour!

There are lots of ways that you can contribute for charities while traveling to your most favourite destinations. One of the popular ways is traveling as volunteers helping charitable organizations. However, this is something that every traveler cannot attend due to different reasons including lack of time. While you can also join with fundraising charity tours such as biking in a place to raise funds or walking tours for such causes that helps charity organizations, these are physically demanding. Not everyone can join with such purposeful travel due to limitations.

join with Charities while planning your holiday

This is why you need to find an easy way to help charities and good causes while making your holiday interesting and remarkable. With YuuGive , now you can join with good causes without paying extra or without spending time on volunteer activities. This sounds good, isn’t it? If so, below are the details on how you can join with charities while planning your holidays!

What is YuuGive ?

Supported by YuuZoo Corporation which is an established global company, YuuGive is a paradise for online shoppers. Not only for travel essentials, you can also shop other things such as electronics, fashion, baby items etc.

How does this work?

When you plan any holiday you need to spend on various travel needs starting from airfare. Other than flights, you need to book your accommodation and plan other travel essentials. How if you can share a portion of your expenses for a good cause without any extra cost for you? Now this is possible when you shop with YuuGive!

When you shop with YuuGive, 50% of their profits go to charity organizations. Good thing is that you don’t have to pay any extra fee to join with this good cause. So, your shopping experience will be fun and interesting with choices of many popular brands. At the end of your checkout process, you will automatically join with charities without incurring any extra cent for your bill! This is why YuuGive is the best place to find your favourite charities.

Highlighted features of YuuGive

  • Shoppers can join with donations without incurring any extra cost for their expenses of travel essentials or any other thing that they shop with YuuGive.
  • With a wide range of online stores and products, you will have a range of products to shop when you visit YuuGive online market place.
  • You can even select your favourite cause or charities to donate. At YuuGive, 50% of revenue share will goes to the charity organization or cause of buyer’s choice.
  • When you shop with YuuGive, each and every transaction donates for charities. So, you will end up joining with a good cause each time you shop with YuuGive!

With such features, YuuGive is one of the best ways to automatically donate to good causes and charities while you shop your essentials. As frequent travellers, you can always book your flights through YuuGive making it a charitable purchase. As popular hotel booking websites are part of the YuuGive market place, you can easily donate while booking your accommodation online. There are many other popular brands which will make your shopping experience remarkable!Visit www.yuugive.com to find out ways that you can join with such charities while planning your dream holiday.

Travelling with a purpose is always a good idea. Travelling while helping charities is always a remarkable way to spend your money for holidays making it more memorable event of lifetime!

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