Costs of Hotel rooms are important when you plan any holiday because huge portion of your travel costs include accommodation. However, instead of staying in a cheap quality accommodation to save money, do you know actually you can stay in luxury hotels for very reasonable rates if you act smart? By planning ahead and applying simple tips, you can save money from your hotel rooms when you are on holidays. Below are some of the best tips you can apply when you book your hotel rooms and you will of course save money from your expenses.

Be Flexible

It is obvious that if you try to arrange your holiday during the festive season, you have to pay higher rates for your hotel rooms and also for the flights. However, if possible plan your trips in off season. This will save you lot of money, sometimes more than 50% of the rates which you have to pay during the festive season.

Other than the off season, you can also consider staying in the hotel during the weekdays. Usually weekend rates are higher than the weekdays. If you are flexible with your schedules, it is easy to save money on hotel rooms.


Bundle It

You can save money easily from your hotel rooms and other travel expenses by bundling the travel needs. Check packages which includes airfare, hotel room and airport transfer/Rental car. You can save money by booking your travel needs as a package than booking all these items separately from different sites.

Book your hotel rooms online

Book your hotel rooms online and use the coupon codes, deals and discounts to get cheap rates on hotel rooms. You can simply search for coupon codes online before you confirm your reservation.

Other than that, you can easily save money when you book your hotel rooms from the websites like Why is special? You can find the best lowest hotel room rates for wholesale price which makes you to save a huge portion of money on accommodation. Their hotel resources include discount travel agents, last minute travel brokers and hotel wholesalers.

Booking sites like which are not bound by the clauses of rate parity; able to offer great discounts and deals for their customers when booking hotel rooms. This opportunity makes it an advantage on travelers’ side because they are able to get the lowest rate for their hotel rooms.

Finally, it sounds like bit of hassle to search coupons and find the lowest rates for hotel rooms. But, by spending few minutes and by proper planning you will be able to save money on your hotel rooms which you can use these money for your entertainment activities during the trip.

How do you save money on hotel rooms? Do you use specific hotel booking sites like to save money?