St Barts is a unique destination with an ideal climate and an exceptional Caribbean charm. It features some of the finest St Barts villa rentals suitable for private parties, wedding, family retreat, and a birthday party to name a few.

Beautiful, Clean Beaches

Undoubtedly, anyone visiting this beautiful island will pack their beachwear. The white sands and turquoise waters are truer here than anywhere else. Our villa rental St Barts Company offers more than rental services on the island, from arranging your island activities to events like parties and shopping.

Bespoke villa rental team has a wealth of information on the spectacular scenery of St Barts. St Barts is an island with stunning 22 public beaches and is surrounded by reefs. Get St Barts villa close to a beach if you have been longing for a long walk along the clean sands of it.

St Barts villas for rent offer an opportunity to watch fishermen and experience the sun setting over the water. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy kite surfing at the Grand Cul de Sac beach.

St Barts Luxury villas


Our dedicated staff at St Barts villa rental is ready to arrange shopping activities at the island. St Barts is a duty-free island and has some of the beautiful footwear, jewelry and pieces of clothes to choose from.

Marina St Barth is a delightful boutique to be visited. It has stylish brands like Lotus London and Eleven Paris.

Awesome things to do in St Barts Luxury villas

Luxury villas St Barts is filled with luxury properties to choose from; villas rentals for a family looking to spend a great time together to friends wishing to hold private parties.

Booking a luxurious villa with pool is the ideal way to enjoy freedom during your holiday. You get to have an entire property to yourself and unwind with your family. St Barths villa is the perfect choice to relax and de-stress. You get to experience a lavish lifestyle with your friends or family.

St Barts villa Rental for Private Party

SIBARTH Bespoke villa rentals have sophisticated villas perfect for parties. Villa Ela features a private pool, stylish kitchen, outdoor dining, entertaining and professional barbecue areas provide a perfect place for a private party.

Most interiors of villas in St Barts contain tons of artifacts, paintings and lush surroundings that provide relaxing spaces for parties.  Featuring a well-equipped fitness room, open-air kitchen and fully furnished rooms, friends traveling together to St Bart will find Villa Bon Temps suitable for a perfect holiday.

Villas St Barts has hosted some wild celebrations though not all will allow such merriment. Legends B villa heated pool, modern kitchen and location near Shell Beach is a perfect choice for a bachelor party. Our helpful staff will cater to your needs to make your bachelor party a memorable one; fresh towels, massages, cold drinks or hot meals.

St Barts villas’ manicured lawns, tropical gardens, luxurious gardens are perfect for wedding ceremonies with a few hundred guests.  Have your dream wedding in a heavenly location, on an exclusive beachfront.