With historical and sacred sites such as Jerusalem, Israel is one of the most admired destinations in the Middle East. Tourists visit Israel each year to see the sacred places by their own eyes. They admire the historical sites and consider some of the ancient sites as world heritage sites. Israel’s Old city comprises of many ancient attractions such as the historic Western Wall, Dome of the Rock shrine and Al-Aqsa Mosque.

With many attractions to see and do, here are some of the best things to do in Israel if you plan visiting there.

Things to Do in Israel

Best things to do in Israel

You can start your tour by visiting historical sites. However a food tour such as Levinsky Market Food Tour can be a fantastic experience during your stay in Tel Aviv. To plan your holiday in Israel, you can always contact an Israel tour operator in order to visit more valuable places within a short period. With A tour operator in Israel, you will be able to visit the most attractions with well experienced guides, so you will have the facility of understanding the history of the place and value.

Things to Do in Israel

Also don’t forget to visit a fresh food market. Known as a Shuk, in Israel you will find open air markets filled with fresh vegetables, fruits and other necessities.

Negev Desert is another attraction in Israel which most travelers love to experience. Plan a jeep ride to Negev Desert with your Israel tour operator in order to experience the desert life. You will see a big stretch of land which without any plant or living life.

Masada is another ancient site of Israel that you must include in to your travel plan. After all don’t forget to plan a cultural trip to Jerusalem’s Old City with your tour operator in Israel. Because it is one of the must visit places in Israel!