Colombia is with beautiful and historical attractions for tourists. Among the cities to visit in Colombia, Cali is a popular city specially for exciting night life. If you like to talk and experience the local lifestyle when you travel around, Cali in Colombia can be one of the best places because of the hospitality these people own.

With friendly people and good food to taste, you will not find it boring when you are in Cali. Anyway, don’t forget to look for hotels in Cali which you can stay in comfort throughout the stay.

Things to see in Cali, Colombia

Things To Do In Cali ,Colombia

If you are planning your trip to Cali, then below are the unique attractions which you can experience in Cali. These attractions will sure make your trip to Cali memorable!

Zoologico de Cali is the Zoo of Cali which can be a good place to visit if you travel as a family with kids. Otherwise visit the 3 crosses mountain or named as Cerro de Las Tres Cruces to enjoy great outdoor adventures.

Cristo Rey is another attraction of Cali which is a massive sculpture of Jesus. In Barrio San Antonio, you will find the cafes and restaurants of Cali which can be exciting part of your tour. The National Natural Park of The Farallones of Cali is also popular as Parque Nacional Natural de los Farallones de Cali which is full of flora and fauna.

And don’t forget to experience salsa when you are in Salsa capital of Colombia. Experience nightlife and enjoy salsa without regretting later once you are back from your holiday!

Above are the best attractions in Cali and when you book one of the best hotels in Cali, you will have great time refreshing your tired body and soul!