Israel is one of the destinations loved by many travelers from around the world. If you plan to travel Israel, then be sure to visit these top attractions. Although there are many places to visit in Israel, below are the must visit and not to miss touristy places. Be sure to discuss your itinerary with a reputed Israel tour operator for an unforgettable holiday experience.

Dead Sea

Best Attractions in Israel

As the lowest point of the earth, Dead Sea is the place to float and spend some time. With rich materials in it, floating on Dead Sea will be an adventure that you cannot forget! With you can easily plan your trip.

 Old City of Jerusalem

If you visit Israel, don’t miss to visit the Old City of Jerusalem. It has historical value and there are many mini sites to see when you are in this heritage site.

Take a Tour of the Underground Tunnels

The Western Wall is a place for pray. Many Jews visit this site for praying. However as a tourist you can visit this historical place to experience the beautiful country.

When you take a tour underground, you will experience an adventure tour in Israel while admiring these beautiful heritage sites.

 Above are the must see attractions in Israel. Be sure to plan your itinerary with a well experienced tour operator in Israel. Then you don’t have to regret missing any top attraction in your short stay.