Fiji islands are among top tourists destinations which attracts many travelers around the world. With scenic beauty, delicious food and friendly people, Fiji has become a tourists’ hot spot for those who seek memorable holidays with lot of interesting activities.

If you really want to experience a memorable holiday in Fiji, here we suggest some of the remarkable things to do while you are in Fiji. Sure, you will talk about your adventures for many years.

Explore the Islands with Fiji Scenic Flights

Unforgettable things to do in Fiji

Just imagine flying over beautiful Fiji islands exploring the natural beauty and scenic views. Discover the hidden gems of Fiji islands while you fly over beautiful forests, jungles and mountains. These views will make you exciting and fill with lot of cheerful feelings and thoughts. You can easily book Fiji Scenic Flights with Turtle Airways and fly over the islands with your preferred package. See the real beauty of Fiji Islands from sky and you will experience unforgettable time in your Fiji holiday.

See Firewalking on Beqa

As per the legends, over 500 years ago the people in Beqa Island were gifted with the ability of walking on fire. Until today, this tradition is there and firewalking is an exciting thing to experience when you visit Fiji islands. You cannot see firewalking in many countries, therefore this can be once in a lifetime experience too.

Diving in Fiji

Unforgettable things to do in Fiji

Although diving is a common water experience which you can enjoy in most other tourist destinations, diving in Fiji would be a great experience which you will be filled with great memories. Fiji is popular as ‘the Soft Coral Capital of the world’ with lot of amazing coral reefs and marine life. Spend your time diving and snorkeling; you will see the unique and beautiful marine creatures which makes your diving experience unique!

Hope these ideas would be helpful for you to plan your next holiday in Fiji!