In Mexico, getting around by bus is comfortable and affordable. In general, Mexico is proud of owning a efficient bus service with a well-managed road network. If you plan a trip to Mexico, then getting around is one of the biggest item that you have to plan before you reach there. Although other modes of getting around options are available including taxi services, bus service is affordable and comfortable. Therefore you won’t regret of your choice to get around Mexico by bus as it will be comfortable, affordable and time saving.

There are 3 different classes available for Mexico bus services, therefore depending on the facilities you look for you can choose the best suitable  class.

Luxury class – Also known as  “De Lujo” or “Ejecutivo”,luxury class bus service provide the best facilities and service for passengers who love traveling around Mexico.

First-class – Also known as “Primera Clase”.In this first class bus service you will experience non-stop service in general. This service is available for most of the major cities and popular destinations around Mexico.

Second-class –Second class bus service is also known as “Segunda Clase”.In general second class service buses stop in any bus stop when signaled. You cannot reserve seats before the bus depart. Sometimes, these buses can be crowded too.

ADO – a passenger bus service in Mexico

ADO- Passenger Bus Service in Mexico

ADO is one of the major bus services in Mexico which was founded in 1939.ADO or Autobuses de Oriente, S.A. de C.V. run first class and executive class busses which provides more facilities and services for passengers who want to get around Mexico.

At its beginning in 1939, ADO Bus Company only covered one route. However with the demand for bus transport, this bus company expanded its services to different parts of Mexico. Some of the major cities served by Autobuses de Oriente, S.A. de C.V. or A.D.O. are including Oaxaca, Cancún, Huatulco and Coatzacoalcos.

ADO Bus Company always provides the best service for the passengers. They use the modern busses in their fleet in order to offer comfortable bus service. This is one of the secrets of success of ADO Bus Company.

Visit to learn more about A.D.O. Bus Company, its services and routes. If you plan a holiday in Mexico, then it will be easier to plan your traveling around Mexico with ADO!